Greeting and happy new year from the hill!
I took a friend from town and his 3 son-in-laws out December 27th. When we  started hunting at 9:30 it was about 37 degrees. The snow is about knee deep but it was soft due to warm temps. We began hunting in a fine mist which turned into raindrops. The wind switched to the NW and we ended the hunt in heavy blowing snow . When we reached the pickups at 11:30 everything was coved in a layer of ice., by 4 in the afternoon you couldn't see one electric pole away and the interstate and all the other roads were closed to travel. I do believe that may have been the season finale. What at times seemed like too much cover last fall has me wondering if it is enough now. The sloughs and shelterbelts still have plenty of cover in them. Most of the big stem blue grass has 2 to 4 feet of cover except for the north edge where the first 100 yards is filled with all the neighbors snow and a lot of his soil . So much for conservations practices.
As I was watching Zack work yesterday and wondering if I had enough habitat, my thoughts went back to what it looked like when my father first purchased the property. It has taken two generations to get to where we are today and we will always keep tweaking it to make it better for both wildlife and hunter alike.
A big THANK YOU to all of you for making our 26th year the best ever.. We look forward to seeing you all again next fall. We do enjoy providing memories that last a lifetime. If you haven't booked your hunts for this fall , we would advise you to do so as always we book our hunts on a first come basis. Remember September and November are good times to come out and allows you flexibility in picking a time that works for you.
Will and Fay, Paige and Zack (the bustling brittanys')

We hope we can continue to provide you with hunting memories that will last a life time. 
Will, Fay and crew

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